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User-driven innovation and ENoLL in spotlight at Shanghai Expo 2010

ENoLL President Álvaro de Oliveira was one of the key speakers at the Helsinki Region Innovation Days, held on 13-14 October 2010 at the Finnish pavilion during the Shanghai World Expo devoted to "Better City, Better Life". The themes included user-driven innovation and co-operation between European and Finnish partners and China.

Three GNSS Living Lab Prize Winners announced

Among the 57 ideas submitted, three GNSS Living Lab Prize winning ideas have been awarded at the Official Awards Ceremony of the European Satellite Navigation Competition on the 18th October.

Three Living Labs will be selected to host a reality check trial with the winning ideas on their own Living Lab environment, along with the relevant user communities and potential future customers.

Awarded Winning ideas are:

Theme Energy

  • Real-World Vehicle Emission Profiles, Stef Kolman

Theme Health

EU supported Smart City-project portfolio at Future Internet Week in Ghent

Altogether seven pilot projects were selected for the call for funding under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme on “Open Innovation for Future Internet-enabled services in "smart" cities from the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

Tell your Smart City Living Lab story!

ENoLL together with the FIREBALL -project is making an inventory among the ENoLL members to find existing good examples on how Living Labs are boosting the Smart City evolution. The best examples will have the chance to be presented at the event and influence the emerging landscape of the Smart Cities movement.

The most valuable and visionary contributions will also be invited to be a part of the Showcase development of FIREBALL with the purpose to show the potential of Living Labs and Future Internet enriching the Smart Cities development of European cities.

The Living Lab Summer School 2010 pursues its working process towards a Living Lab Handbook

After the editing of LLSS2010 post-proceedings, the next initiative of  the Living Labs Summer School 2010 is to co-author a handbook based on  the experiences, thinking, and their future challenges defined by the  participants.

Over 75 participants who took part in the successful three-day LL Summer School 2010 will co-author a Living Lab Handbook to capture the tacit knowledge on the Living Labs development. The aim of this book project is to facilitate the professional development of the community and to encourage others to join.

Pisa Leaning Lab at the core of Regional Living Lab developments in Tuscany

Thanks to a dedicated funding line from the Regional Government of Tuscany, the Pisa Leaning Lab will engage over the next couple of years (2011-2012) in the transfer of innovation capacity from the European Living Labs community to traditional industries and regional SMEs. Five business sectors have been identified for this experiment, from leisure shipyards to marble design manufacturers and from automotive components to ICT for public administration.

Ten Finalists Announced for First GNSS Living Lab Prize

As part of the official Awards Ceremony of the European Satellite Navigation Competition on the 18th October, three 10 000 Euro prizes will be awarded for the best GNSS-related products and services, which are ready to be tested and implemented in a suitable Living Lab.

Ten finalists have been nominated in the categories energy, health, and media. A total of 57 proposals from 22 countries were submitted, from which a panel of international experts has chosen 10 solutions to proceed to the final round.

INCA 10 Developer's competition: Focus on “inclusive society”

The current edition of the Developer's competition focuses on the inclusive society in the broadest sense: applications that contribute to overcoming exclusion, and improving economic performance, employment opportunities, quality of life, social participation and cohesion.

In keeping with the European spirit of the competition, this refers to the 2006  declaration on ‘ICT for inclusive society (Riga). First prize is 10.000 €, total prize money of 25.000 €.

Challenges in cross-border Living Lab networks: Apollon presents their first Methodology results

The main issues addressed by the APOLLON project are the present lack of Living Lab methodology harmonization and collaboration, and the serious difficulties of SMEs in engaging in cross-border Living Lab experimentation. APOLLON project seeks to provide concrete contribution to this identified gap with the creation of scalable experience based APOLLON methodology for cross-border living lab networks.

New EU Funding for Positioning and Navigation Applications

The GSA (GNSS Supervisory Authority) has asked to disseminate the information relevant to the 3rd call for proposals for Satellite Navigation research and development under the EU's 7th Framework Programme (FP7), which was published on 20 July 2010.

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