SynchroniCity project delivering a Digital Single Market of smart cities for Europe

Delivering a Digital Single Market of smart cities for Europe and beyond, enabled by Internet of Things technology. This is the ambitious target of a European project, SynchroniCity, which was kick-started in January. Altogether 34 organisations from public and private, NGOs and academia have joined the forces to realize this goal. Starting in 2017 and continuing until autumn 2019, SynchroniCity aims at providing opportunities for industry, SMEs and cities, piloting IoT technology in cities, in an exceptionally large scale.

SynchroniCity consortium in kick-off meeting in Brussels (9-10 January 2017) – photo credit: Tom Blockley

Antwerp, Carouge, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Milan, Porto and Santander – these are the 8 cities in Europe that serve as reference zones for the first piloting. On top of that 4 cities from Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and the US join the project in increasing the impact by bringing in the global reach.

Concrete activities in cities cover wide spectrum of areas, including mobility, parking and air quality among many others. By the reference zone piloting the project addresses on how to incentivize and build trust for companies and citizens to actively participate in finding common co-created IoT solutions for cities that meet the citizens’ needs. During the project the aim is to build an environment of evidence-based solutions that can easily be replicated in other regions, and thus supporting on a large scale the fruitful cross-pollination between the frontrunner cities in the world.


ENoLL supports this ambitious 3-year project by leading the marketing and communication activities and supporting the citizen and multi-stakeholder engagement throughout the project from the quadruple helix perspective.