New Report: Cities as Living Labs

ENoLL collaborated with researchers from Laurea University and published a report on Cities as Living Labs – Increasing the impact of investment in the circular economy for sustainable cities which enriches the European Commission's RISE group (Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts) repository. 

Aim of the study is to understand the impact and added value of EU-funded projects focusing on circular economy at city-level in the context of Living Labs through publically available data sources and case studies and to: 


A) evaluate how cities have elaborated and implemented urban strategies in context of following three circular economy (CE) dimensions: 1) sustainable use of resources, natural and cultural capital, 2) circular mobility and 3) resource efficient buildings and urban spaces and

B) describe if and how the cities mobilise and interact with the various system innovation (SI) dimension including the Living Labs and

C) relating to A and B - to get a better understanding of the impact of EU funding especially from Horizon 2020 and the 7th Framework Programme projects focusing on circular economy at city-level in context of Living Labs.

The report can be dowloaded directly from the Commissions website. See link. 

Direct link to the study report is found here.