New release of end-user engagement toolkit

A toolkit has been created by ENoLL in the context of U4IoT project that supports the European IoT Large-Scale Pilots programme specifically in end-user engagement. It is part of recently updated U4IoT website with fresh design and better usability - available online at

This toolkit aims to guide the researchers and practitioners through the innovation processes, providing tools and methods for co-creation and user-engagement. It comprises methods and tools found across literature and online, put together in a format that follows the different phases along the innovation process: exploration, experimentation and evaluation. It includes links to sources with actionable materials: not only definitions and introductions to tools/methods, but providing how-to instructions, templates and reference websites. The toolkit is addressing varying levels of previous knowledge in the field, providing a mix of basic tools known by many, but also some new knowledge for those who are more experienced in the field. The available filters help in categorizing the tools based on level of difficulty as well as addressing four different focus areas identified among the IoT large-scale pilots. 

We would like to encourage all ENoLL members and friends to visit the end-user engagement toolkit! Any feedback related to the toolkit is highly welcome, please send it via feedback form on the website or directly to katariina.malmberg (at)