Living Lab News

Bill Mitchell, Father of the Living Lab Concept, passed away this weekend

William Mitchell, MIT dean and professor, architect, urbanist and theorist, widely regarded as one of the most prominent thinker on “smart cities”, has passed away. He lost the fight with cancer at the age of 65. Mitchell was considered one of the world's leading urban theorists.

Lighting Living Lab will create Street Lighting cadastre

a Cadastre of Public LightingThe Lighting Living Lab was created one year ago and is developing a project that will permit the creation of the cadastre of street lighting in the municipality at the moment. This will assure higher energy efficiency; another ongoing project addresses the identification of user needs to improve services.

Fabrique du futur AND A.R.T.S. endowment fund announced the launch of SmartSystem

With the increase in importance of the creative economy, the objective is to give to all the creators the real means to build the future

SmartSystems, a revolutionary project to create value and give rise to the products and uses of the future.

SmartSystems is primarily a creative economy's ecosystem which consists of businesses of all sizes, industrials, technological and territorial partners from the world of research, but also artists, designers, architects, thinkers ....

MIT plugs 'living lab' in energy efficiency

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is out to prove that green buildings don't have to be all that high tech.

GNSS Living Lab Prize: grab your chance now!

Do not miss the opportunity to participate to the GNSS Living Lab prize within the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2010. Submit your ideas from 1st May till 31st July 2010 at for Galileo Satellite empowered innovative services for health, energy and media.

The GNSS Living Lab Prize will award three winners, who will get the opportunity to conduct a “reality check trial” in a suitable Living Lab with the involvement of relevant user communities and potential future customers.

Living Lab Methodologies can drive Innovative Public Procurement

On March 23-24th, the European Commission organized a conference on "Promoting Innovation through Public Procurement: Best Practice & Networking". Alvaro Oliveira, Chairman of the European Network of Living Labs, argued that the Living Labs methodologies could provide a solid base for new ways of innovative procurement in Europe.

Álvaro OLIVEIRA, ENoLL Chairman invited speaker at the INSME Annual meeting

The International Network for SMEs (INSME) will be holding their 6th Annual Meeting on May 10th - 13th 2010, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Among other noted speakers, Mr. Alvaro Oliveira, Chairman of the European Network of Living Labs, will address the audience and illustrate the importance of Living Labs for SME growth and business opportunities.

Roberto Santoro highlighting the importance of Living Labs in Europe

In an interview with Citilab (a center for social and digital innovation in Cornella

Unforgettable Valencia

The fourth wave of ENoLL, Future Internet and social networks in a true emergency test

Who would have thought that social networks, Future Internet and enlargement of the living lab community were to be put in action before the Valencia week was over! It was also clearly understood and demonstrated that people are on the move to a large extent nowadays and that networks and networks of people make the difference.

Guest Blog: "Portugal: more than just port and surfing"

Guest blog post by Wim De Waele, CEO of IBBT, of which the IBBT-iLab.o Living Lab is a part. On his latest visit to Portugal he was impressed by the way open innovation is tackled by the Portuguese authorities, and reinforced by the open and dynamic way the market was responding to this policy, resulting in remarkable sucess stories.