Living Lab News

Living Lab methodology handbook published

With the help of collaborative efforts of several individuals in ENoLL network, a new Living Lab Methodology Handbook has been published.

Technical Review Conference & SynchroniCity Open Call

From 25th to 27th October 2017, SynchroniCity had its first Technical Review Conference at the European Commission DG Science and Innovation, where the project's progress was evaluated by internal and external experts at the Commission as part of the European Large-Scale Pilots Programme.

Apply now for the Hans Sauer Award 2018: Designing futures. Social Labs in Europe

The Hans Sauer Award 2018 addresses the best and most innovative Social Labs in Europe. They encourage initiatives, institutions and other forms of organisations which work in the form of a lab to submit a proposal, introducing themselves and their work. The selection process will, in some cases, be accompanied by an on-site visit.

New release of end-user engagement toolkit

A toolkit has been created by ENoLL in the context of U4IoT project that supports the European IoT Large-Scale Pilots programme specifically in end-user engagement.

Responding to the 3Os strategy: a co-creation workshop

A co-creation workshop took place at ENoLL premises in Brussels on the 25th October to define together with likeminded organisations how to apply and respond to the 3Os Strategy and to provide our ideas on how to create a roadmap for the future of Europe. 

Living Labs at the Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference

On Monday 23rd October and Tuesday 24th October, living labs were actively participating at the first Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference (G-STIC) that took place in Brussels.

Research projects at the OpenLivingLab Days 2017

ENoLL brought its current research projects to the OpenLivingLab Days 2017 Krakow, to support and benefit from the high-level programme in terms of keynotes and panel discussions on the topics of enabling citizen science & societal and open innovation as well as practice-driven workshop programme co-created together with the whole

11th wave ENoLL Members

During the OpenLivingLab Days in Krakow, ENoLL officially welcomed 11th wave members at the end of Day 1 of the event. The ceremony was hosted by the Mayor of Krakow in the beautiful Krakow city hall. 

11th wave ENoLL members are:


Small Advanced Economies Initiative Innovation day

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finalnd and the Ministry of Education and Culture, yesterday on 12 September 2017 hosted an innovation day gathering representatives of higher education of finalnd, innovation leads and public modies. 

Reflection on OpenLivingLab Days 2017

Between 29th of August and 1st September 300 participants from 31 different countries gathered in Krakow at the 8th edition of the ENoLL Summer School - the OpenLivingLab Days. For the first time, the event was hosted in Central & Eastern Europe - Krakow, Poland and introduced the living lab concept to the local governing bodies, universities and residents.