Interview with Living Lab expert Samia Chelbi on Game Jams

In the anticipation of the JamToday two-day closing event hosted on ENoLL premises, we have talked to Samia Chelbi – a Living Lab expert from Tunisia who has shared her Game Jam hosting experience. The event that was organized by DigiArt Living Lab was held from 20 to 22 May 2016. NET-INFO School of Art and Technology in collaboration with Tunisia French Institute have hosted this two-day long event. This successful edition of a Game Jam has not only contributed to youth empowerment in Tunisia but also increased their international exposure and employability – as one of the teams was recruited following the event.

Samia Chelbi


You have hosted a Game Jam in your Living Lab last year. Could you tell us more about your experience and your motivation behind hosting the event?

We had more than 10 teams that was composed of game artists, game developers from public and private universities and high schools.  had participate to this competition from public and private university and school. They produced different games for mobile phones and PCs relating to the field of mathematics.

Our main motivation behind the event was to gather in the same space inspiring young talents who have different ambitions but the same objective: to produce their own video game. The participants wanted to compete with other talented young people from different countries and to be visible in an international network via the website The Game Jam also allowed them to be in touch with Tunisian video game studios who are their future recruiters.


Why was it useful for your Living Lab to participate in a Game Jam?

It is important for us to participate with JamToday in order to promote Tunisian young talents, to learn from others and to form a network of future young entrepreneurs and encourage them to build North-South partnerships in order to contribute to the economic development of Tunisia. We think that this will ensure the sustainability of this type of concept through the feedback of positive experience to future generations.


What would you say was the biggest achievement of the Game Jam that you have hosted and did you face any challenges?

The biggest achievement of the game jam was the recruitment of the first team by the first Tunisian video Game studio. Main challenge we are facing is to spread this experience in North Africa or the whole continent and make Tunisia a good place to host African Game Jams.


Have you applied any of the Game Jam methodologies in your other activities? 

Yes, we have applied the Game Jam methodologies in the organization of the Global Game Jam in 2017







The interview was conducted by Spela Zalokar on 28 March 2017