Connected Smart Cities Conference 2018

For the 5th consecutive year, ENoLL joined the Connected Smart Cities Conference, this year with active engagement in various pannels and with a booth in the networking area. We spoke to the participants about activities of the network and certain related projects that the network has been actively working on - namely SynchroniCity and U4IoT.


This year, the conference took place on Thursday, 11 January 2018 at The EGG Brussels. The theme was “Cities Driving the Digital Transition”. ENoLL members actively participated in the pannel on "Ecosystem Innovation: Joining Excellence and Capacity Building" and "IoT-Enabled Smart Cities Market Creation: Policy Issues and Open Calls" during which a Danish Living Lab (DOLL) presented their work and the Living Lab which is used as a unique tool and marketplace for cities & decision-makers and the industry. The Living Lab also gets location and international attention from policy makers and media companies. Last, year the lab was visited by more than 100 global cities to see solutions that are being tested, while 80 different media outlets reported on their work. 


During the afternoon pannels we joined a session "Natural Resources: Digital Water and Beyond" to learn more about how cities deal with water problems and link the panel to the UNaLAB project. 

Presentations and report from the event is published on the OASC website. For pictures, see our flickr page.