City Drivers: Search for free service training training has opened up to creative operators

CityDrivers is a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) to improve the ability of creative professionals to provide services based on service design and co-development. The project organizes workshops for free training, seminars and service design methods in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Southeast Finland between September 2017 and April 2019.

The training is aimed at creative professionals and businesses who want to find new jobs and earning opportunities by upgrading their expertise. Other companies and public sector stakeholders who are interested in developing their own business with creative players are also invited to participate. 

On 13th February, more than 100 design oriented people met and shared their ideas and concepts. ENoLL Innovation Partner Menno Liauw from Vandejong Creative Agency joined other speakers to share their experience in the market as a creative agency. Next to that, Tuija Hirvikoski, ENoLL President and Laurea Director spoke at the event (picture bellow - link to her PPT presentation) with Sabine E. Wildevuur, Waag Society.

Vandejong identifid benefits, key and challenges in their presentation. Namely, the benefits are: 


  • lower costs
  • multiple perspective on innovation
  • new revenue streams
  • benefits of a larger organisation, but with much more autonomy for the members




  • founders remain involved
  • build trust
  • build a safe environment




  • selection members
  • guard culture
  • project desk (how do we translate more traditional formats in a new ecosystem)
  • growth



To read more about the project, explore the official website (in Finnish)