Best Living Lab Project Award Winners

Being inspired by the projects and amazing living lab and network activities we encounter on daily basis, the ENoLL Office decided to give more visibility to some exceptional living lab cases from 2016. By collecting these living lab studies we aim to highlight hands on case studies that can be an inspiring source for all who are folllwing the 10+ year old community's past, present and want to be part of the shared future. For that reason we opened a compatition for living lab projects in December 2016 and gave the public an opportunity to vote for a project of their choice. 830+ votes were received resulting in three winners. 

Living Labs Taiwan received the highest number of votes for their project "Integration of Wearable Devices and Exercise Management". 


The project aims to promote health and well-being of citizens and extend healthy life expectency. The Living Lab assesed and verified the feasibility of exercise management using a wearable device. 



"FRACTALS" of Precision Agriculture Living Lab from Serbia, received the second highest number of votes.

The project established open innovation environment between ICT and agricultural industries. It broke stereotypes between technology developers and agricultural end-users. And finally the project co-created and validated ICT solutions for agriculture between programmers and farmers in real-life setting. 







"webFitForAll" project of Thess-AHALL living lab based in Thessaloniki, Greece received the third highest number of votes.

The project introduced a collaborative serious gaming platform through a comprehensive software toolkit. The project promotes co-creation of serious games by involving remotely all staleholders.  






All living labs that have submitted a project for the Best Living Lab Project Award have done tremendous work which is why we have decided to include the projects in a publication. 

We would like to thank all living labs whose projects and showcased in the publication and invite all those interested in living lab work to have a look at the publication to see real living lab work examples. 

Living labs featured in the publication are:

  • Autonom’lab 
  • BIRD Living Lab 
  • Basaksehir Living Lab 
  • Botnia Living Lab, imec Living Lab 
  • Bristol Living Lab 
  • CforCare Living Lab 
  • Forum Virium Helsinki 
  • Guadalinfo 
  • Lahti Living Lab 
  • Library Living Lab
  • Living Lab en innovation ouverte
  • Living Labs Taiwan
  • Precision Agriculture Living Lab 
  • Sfax Smart City Living Lab 
  • Thess-AHALL
  • Imec Living Lab 
  • mQoL Living Lab