ANNOUNCEMENT: OpenLivingLab days 2017 hosted in Krakow

We have announced in our December newsletter that the 8th edition of OpenLivingLab Days will be hosted in Krakow, Poland between 29 August to 1 September. New ENoLL members will be invited to join us one day before the Summit starts - on 28 August for an introductory session and an opportunity to mingle with the ENoLL Council. 

Update: registration is now open on the official website of OpenLivingLab Days 

Krakow Open Living Lab Days

The four-day event will be hosted by ENoLL member Krakow Technology Park 

What is Krakow Technology Park (Krakow Living Lab)
Krakow Technology Park is one of the key actors in co-creating and implementing the Regional Innovation Strategy and promoting smart specialization and user-driven innovation approaches in the region. It was established in 1997 as the joint initiative of city authorities, Malopolska regional authorities and Krakow’s three largest universities: Krakow University of Technology, AGH – UST University of Science and Technology and the Jagiellonian University. 

KTP collaborates very actively with regional and local government, universities, NGO’s, business sector and local community, at the time when straight conversation and new approaches are needed to stimulate economy development and implement innovations. KPT plays a significant role as regional enabler and facilitator of innovative driven approach to smart city development. Development of innovative user centered and sustainable new public services for increasing the quality of life and wellbeing within different domains (people, living, mobility, e-governance, economy, environment) and targeted to different user groups (elderly, children, students, unemployed people, NGOs and so on) using potential of experience, know-how and infrastructure of stakeholders: businesses, administration, universities

Krakow Technology Park

What can you expect:  

Four days of co-creating, learning and networking. Last year OpenLivingLab Days began with a Research day (have a look at Conference Proceedings). The following three days were filled with discussion panels, workshops, interactive sessions, visits and social activities. 


At the OpenLivingLab Days you will have an opportunity to:

  • network with people from your field of expertise;
  • connect with Living Labbers from different countries;
  • learn about new concepts, methods and opportunities;
  • discover a new place by joining interactive visits 


Have a look at previous editions of OpenLivingLab Days or click on the following picture to access the video of OpenLivingLab Days of 2016 hosted in Montreal, Canada.