11th wave ENoLL Members

During the OpenLivingLab Days in Krakow, ENoLL officially welcomed 11th wave members at the end of Day 1 of the event. The ceremony was hosted by the Mayor of Krakow in the beautiful Krakow city hall. 

11th wave ENoLL members are:


  • Genève Lab
  • Smart City Malaga Enel Living Lab
  • Healthy ageing & well-being Lab 
  • Atrium Lab
  • Smart Factory OWL
  • China Housing Lab
  • Smart Gastronomy Lab
  • Solar Living Lab
  • Textile and Clothing Lab
  • Open Lab
  • Madonie Living Lab 
  • and UNIS&F Lab and L'Acadie Lab who could not join us for the OpenLivingLab Days. 



11th wave members have gone through a quality assessment procedure and had to prove their capacity to operate as a Living Lab and/or act as an innovation service provider through the Living Lab methodology and/or increasingly make use of Living Lab methods in their everyday operations.