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The main aim of Vallée Lab, Living Lab located in Aosta Valley, Italy, is to create an openenvironment and in real-life conditions for the design, testing and validation of new products and services, where users can interact and experiment these products and services, providing the research and enterprise system with very important feedbacks in terms of tailor-made refinement and subsequent marketing: in particular, our Living Lab is active in the thematic domains of smart energies and intelligent mobility.Description

The innovative idea of Vallée Lab strategy consists in using the Living Lab model with atransnational view, in order to build up and manage cross-border initiatives: by this approach, it will be possible to combine the advantages of Living Labs to the additional value brought in by the network and collaboration of actors residing in different countries and sharing common interests and societal challenges.


In particular, our Living Lab is currently managed in the framework of an Interreg project financed by the European Union, Alcotra Innovation: this project, funded by the Alcotra Italy France-2007- 2013 territorial cross-border cooperation program, has as partners the regional public authorities of Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, in France, and of Piedmont, Liguria and Aosta Valley, in Italy.

The main success factors of our Living Lab are the following:

• its cross-border nature, that allow the innovation ecosystem to extend its operationalarea beyond the regional and national boundaries and to exploit opportunities ofinternationalisation;

• the stimulation of innovation through the new and absolutely unique instrument of pre-commercial public procurement, by engaging the suppliers in the market as well as the end-users, by implementing cutting edge and innovative products and technologies in smart energies and intelligent mobility;

• the status of the host organisation: Aosta Valley is a regional public authority, with political and financial autonomy and, with the tools of the pre-commercial public procurement and the Living Lab, can play a crucial and strategic role of early adopter of advanced and environmentally friendly products/services and best multiplier with respect to new and emerging markets. This represents an ambitious challenge for our institution, willing to explore new and effective ways of support to the economic system and smart, cost-efficient paths of sustainable innovation.

References and Track Record

The strategic direction we propose to give to our Living Lab is to develop and strengthen a robust and effective network between all relevant stakeholders in the open innovation ecosystem, specially in several technology platforms, identified under a Regional Smart Specialization approach, consistent with the territorial vocation perspective, the enhancement of territorialspecificities and the areas of industrial specialization of our region, Aosta Valley: in order to achieve this challenging task our intention is to start from the pilot actions carried out via pre-commercial public procurement and prototype testing and to make these activities repeatable and sustainable in medium-long term, by animating, facilitating and catalyzing relationships between the different actors involved in research, development, prototyping and subsequent testing with end users, hopefully distributed on a cross-border territory. 


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