User-Centered Innovation Lab (uCIL)



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1. Living Lab description 

- uCIL

- The Living Lab uCIL was created by Brain and Spine Institute and the hospital APHP and is enbedded in the center of neurologic deseases center at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital.

- Our localization in the center of the largest neurologic hospital in Europe (2000 employees, 90000 patients per year) allows strong ties with all care staff, technical staff and also patients, patients’ family and also their involvements. This proximity is a huge strength to detect needs/problems during care process and provide innovative solutions. Indeed, in a complementary way of the main ICM activities, the purpose of Living Lab uCIL is to provide innovative solutions (medtech) for neurologic and psychiatric patients and also to increase the care process efficiency.

2. Living Lab methods and tools:

We run a process in each department or the neurologic deseases center :


Additionally, our approach is based on five principes:

  • Be in situ
  • Collect usage datas and innovative ideas
  • Allow living lab users to influence product development
  • Involve all care actors during all innovation stages
  • Business and industry proximity

3. Your living lab in a box

uCIL places users (doctor, patients, nurses, …) in the center of medical technologies design to find new innovative products or services (Medtech) for good care of patients and efficiency of care process.