Technoport Living Lab Luxembourg


Olivier ZEPHIR

Technoport SA 9, avenue des Hauts Fourneaux L4362 Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg

Phone: + 352 545 580 439

Fax:+ 352 54 55 80 - 555


TLLL (Technoport Living Lab Luxembourg)


The Technoport is the national tech incubator of Luxembourg and is internationally recognised as a BIC (Business Innovation Centre) providing effective incubation support such as the Technoport Living Lab Luxembourg (TLLL) to better serve the local entrepreneurs as international venture projects choosing to expand from Luxembourg. TLLL is a service line of the incubator associated to two start-ups development programs (Challenge/Launch & Grow) and complements the incubator’s co-working and Fab Lab support services. TLLL allows operating optimal co-working environment where business incubation activities integrates events such as sectorial workshops, hackathons and innovation contests in which multidisciplinary entrepreneurial minds interact to co-create. TLLL with the availability of rapid prototyping through the Fab lab allows materialising concepts and to easily set live demos and testing sessions that are open to public participation. The provided integrated incubation support services (Living lab, Co-working, Fab lab) aims at supporting entrepreneurs decision-making process in the product/service design lifecycle and value proposal validation. TLLL allows mastering the degree of customisation or standardisation that should be applied to product and service prototypes enabling the scaling or development of start-up activities across different EU regions. TLLL is providing an internationalisation service gateway to entrepreneurs by connecting them to user communities and network of support partners across Europe. TLLL’s ambition is to share its integrated (Living lab, Co-working, Fab lab)  support practices across EU partners so as to keep improving the available support to new businesses in the crucial phases of their lifecycle.

References and Track Record

The Technoport  Incubator has built TLLL on the basis of the acquired experience in running co-design activities for the development of incubation support services and in developing support resources though innovative technological R&D projects. Examples are the following:

-        EU FP7 Digibic project: Digibic is a support resource for SMEs of the creative industries based on an open and interactive network of players across cultural heritage, digital libraries and preservation and also involving EU countries large industry players, support organisations, policy leaders as researchers.

-        The know-how of the TLLL in engaging user communities in concept testing at design front ends is being deployed in C-Space EU FP7 project. A EU project contributing to technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity by the development of creative experience tool.

-        User and entrepreneurs co-design workshops are also organised through the Fab lab activities such as live concept exhibitions, demos and training activities. The Fab lab operates EU project Co-design activities, PROUD (People, Researchers and Organisations Using Design for co-creation and innovation)

-        LILA (Living Labs Application for internationalisation of start-up companies)  EU project in entrepreneurship Living Lab. TLLL is scaling its national living lab service offer and contributing to the consolidation of transnational citizen user groups in the digital and green tech sectors.