S.S.I. Living Lab


Karmelen Acedo

Simón Bolívar, 28 48013 ground floor, Bilbao



The living lab is a pioneering infrastructure in Euskadi that attempts to simulate the different rooms of a home with advanced technology. It has 100 square metres and adapted beds and baths, an hydraulic motor cranes, a modular kitchen, etc., resources that are equipped with technological advances that make it easier to care for elderly dependent people. It also has user friendly touch screen computers that avoid having to use a mouse and keyboard for people with reduced mobility, and that using software allow carrying out videoconferences. Its most innovating technological characteristic is a hydraulic motor crane system that hung from the ceiling can move the dependent users from their wheelchair to any room in the simulated home.

Furthermore, the living lab goes beyond the physical infrastructure S.S.I. Group has been equipped with, as it is also made up of the 2200 homes in which it provides services for the care of dependant adults in Biscay. The characteristic that makes it unique is the degree of participation and involvement of the users, mainly care workers, in the different innovating projects the Group has managed in its 28 years history.