RENER Living Lab – Portuguese Smart Cities Network


President – Almeida Henriques

Technical Manager – Catarina Selada

INTELI – Inteligência em Inovação, Centro de Inovação

Av. Conselheiro Fernando de Sousa, 11, 4º

1070-072 Lisboa – PORTUGAL



RENER Living Lab is the Portuguese Smart Cities Network, composed of 43 municipalities. It is a space for development, testing and experimentation of smart urban solutions in real world context, under the concepts of open innovation and co-creation with the involvement of end users. It is also a space for sharing best practices and innovative experiences capable of replication, as well as for the incubation of local solutions with potential for internationalisation.

The living lab was created under the Portuguese Electric Mobility Programme, as a pilot network for the introduction of the electric vehicle in the country. Several charging points and other related technologies were tested in these urban spaces by large international manufacturers such as Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Peugeot. National technological solutions are now being exported to the USA, Asia and several European countries. 

In 2013, RENER extended its intervention to other solutions for urban sustainability in the areas of energy, sustainable buildings, governance, social innovation, etc. operating as a Smart Cities Network in Portugal. Several join projects are emerging in these domains due to the work of the municipalities in thematic groups: Governance; Energy and Environment; Mobility; Society and Quality of Life; Economy and Innovation.

The organisational structure of the network includes a Strategic Committee, a Technical Committee and a Technical Manager, which is INTELI, an urban innovation centre located in Lisbon, Portugal.


References and Track Record

RENER Living Lab develops two types of projects; intelligence projects, and structural projects.

Intelligence projects aim to generate information and knowledge to support policy-making processes. One of the tools used in these projects is the Smart City Index 2020. To strategically position cities in terms of urban intelligence is the main objective of this index that intends to create a database of municipal information and knowledge to support decision-making by public authorities and economic and social actors. The methodology is composed of 5 dimensions of analysis - innovation, sustainability, social inclusion, governance and connectivity, 21 sub-dimensions and a set of around 100 indicators. The methodology was applied to 20 cities in 2012, and the 2nd edition will be launched in 2015 integrating 43 municipalities.

Structural projects are join initiatives focused in one or more of the smart city areas: governance, energy, mobility, quality of life, etc. One of the major activities of RENER was the Electric Mobility Program; now the municipalities are approaching together other innovative urban solutions.

RENER established a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Smart Cities Network (RECI) with a view to launch an Iberian Network of Smart Cities. Contacts are being established with Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.