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Marie-Laure HUON

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7 cité Paradis


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REUNICA is a company that specializes in social welfare. REUNICA is involved on a day to day basis with private pension plans and insurance, for example, complementary health care, a fund for disability-incapacity death costs and pension funds. REUNICA anticipates the changing face of society through social solutions, emphasising the importance of autonomy. One of our beliefs is that being able to remain in one’s own home is a key to ageing successfully.


This is why, in 2011, the group opened a 500 m² demonstration area, introducing technological solutions for home care and independent living. The show-room, located in the heart of Paris, is open to everyone (all visitors are welcome even if they are not part of a REUNICA pension fund), 7 hours a day, 5 days a week.

REUNICA DOMICILE innovates by proposing a wellness area, a space specifically dedicated to the elderly in which the actors are in fact the visitors.

The over 60’s or their relatives can sign up for an awareness course, the area represents the set-up of a typical house: living-room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study etc.

They can test over 80 hands-on solutions including: brightness and sound bells, automatic jar-openers, automatic kitchen cupboards etc. Our aim is to show the elderly that it is possible to adapt their homes according to their age and requirements and that it is important to do this as possible.

To illustrate the point, it’s worth noting that 38% of visitors changed something in their homes or modified their behavior after the training course.

Users are at the heart of our living lab.

REUNICA DOMICILE also welcomes professionals such as healthcare and paramedical professionals, homecare service providers, builders, patient associations or senior citizens organizations, institutional players etc. Such partners can test their devices in situ, using our very own living-labs and with a real-life public! They are free to propose new devices and services that may help to improve the on-going project, including comfort and design for all. In order to attract visitors to our show-room, REUNICA DOMICILE organizes events, meetings and working groups.

And finally, a website enables visitors to make a virtual visit, wherever they happen to be (https://www.reunica-domicile.fr). All educational documents are downloadable.

References and track records:

Proof of referencing lies with the decision to include other welfare companies on REUNICA’s Board of Directors as from January 1st 2015, thus strengthening our goal of efficiency.

Finally, we are proud to point out that REUNICA DOMICILE advised numerous other actors in the creation of similar concepts.

On Twitter; https://twitter.com/Groupe_Reunica