Poznan Living Lab


Adam Olszewski                                           


Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), 12/14 Noskowskiego st.




+48 61 858 2001


Poznan Living Lab has completed over 100 projects altogether (in it 70+ in Framework Programmes), including 8 as FP coordinator. They employ more than 200 ICT engineers and have a separate department for project administration only

-Poznan LL runs a 24/7 coworking space, around which proactive communities gather: medical staff, the elderly, educators, technology-oriented user groups. They organize events and competitions – in 2011/2012 more than 200 events with 3000+ participants

- Poznan LL owns and shares ICT infrastructure for experimenting and introducing cutting edge tools (6000km of optical fiber network in Poland with connections to all continents and Polish public bodies (hospitals, public administration, HEI...), 3D 16K TV studio, a satellite broadcasting vehicle, 230th world's strongest supercomputer, and more)

-as R&D Poznan LL does not run studies, all 300 young engineers develop applied research ICT projects

- Poznan LL collaborates closely with region and city officials, support them in strategy writing and in ICT-related issues

- Poznan LL has active collaboration platforms, e.g.: 27 hospitals; elderly NGOs and officials; HEIs; 25 schools + curators...

- Poznan LL triggered and coordinates the leading Polich ICT cluster, which connects more than 100 paying members.