Batkin Elise,

Paris&Co, 24 rue de l’est, 75020 Paris


Paris & Co Urban Lab aims at boosting innovative initiatives with the City’s staff and Region’s staff and at launching calls for tender, focusing on experimentation of innovative solutions, involving future users / citizens. Paris & Co is a unique structure in the innovative ecosystem of Paris area, collaborating with local authorities, clusters, startups as well as large corporates, organizations dedicated to innovation development, incubators, seed capitals...


Paris & Co is funded by Paris City, “Ile de France” Region Council, Paris Department Council, AP-HP (Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, public health establishment of Paris region), RATP (Paris Transportation). It's the only actor positioned as an interface between community services and innovative companies that want to experiment on public domain.

Paris & Co Urban Lab missions are:

1. To support City and Region’s staff in their innovative projects, focusing on living experimentation by organizing benchmarks and technological surveys, selecting and proposing innovative solutions to City and Region’s staff. It helps and contributes to boost the link between the local administration’s staff and entrepreneurs.

2. To help companies field-test their prototypes ans services in real life environment prior to market release through call for projects and tailored support. Paris & Co aims to open Paris’s Region territory to experimentation.

3. To be part of the Paris and Ile de France procurement process by bringing its expertise andassistance while launching calls for projects.

References and Track Record

Since 2010, we have selected and supported over 680 projects and enabled 171 experiments in the City and Region of Paris, making Paris the world’s leading open lab.

Below are some call for projects which have been launched by Paris & Co Urban Lab:

  • Smart Urban Furniture (2010): 40 projects are put up in Paris streets to explore new ways to inform, play or seat in public spaces.
  • Building Energy Efficiency (2012-2013): Experimenting solutions that enable people to manage buildings energy in a more efficient way. 
  • EXAPAD (2011-2016): Experimenting solutions contributing to better at home aging (preserving social links, helping caregivers, improving home comfort…) 
  • Innovative Urban Greening (2013) : Experimenting solutions for greening the urban environment such as urban farming projects, projects fostering biodiversity or adaptation to climate change
  • Improving the Urban Metabolism (2015 -2016) : Experimenting solutions contributing to a more efficient use of natural ressources and materials used within City of Paris’ activities and missions.
  • Sustainable Urban Logistics (ongoing) : Experimenting innovative solutions of urban logistics to improve the last mile logisitics and its negative impacts.