Normandy Living Lab

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Magali Scelles

E-secure transactions Cluster

Campus EffiScience 2, esplanade Anton Philips, 14460 Colombelles France




Normandy Living Lab is a network of Living Labs, run by the TES Cluster and based on a system of opened innovation centred on the user. It was created in 2007 and was labelled be the European Commission the same year. The main targeted territory is Lower Normandy.

The concept

Fostering the experimentation of new products and services all referred to Information and communication technologies, ICT. The network enables the Living Labs to exchange good practices with each other, to mutualise their resources and to promote open innovation in Normandy, to find new partners and new places for their experimentations.

These projets may be conducted in various fields, such as E-Health & Smart Home, E-Tourism & Heritage, E-Citizen, Digital Life, E-Identity & Security, Innovative payment systems, Secure Machine to Machine M2M, Microelectronics.

In the world of technologies and innovation the end user plays a central role. That’s why the Normandy Living Lab offers a range of facilities e-Tabli, which makes the arrival of a product or a service easier on the market by implicating the user in all stages of the innovation development. The e-Tabli aims at simplifying your procedures, deepening your research and letting you obtain comprehensive results. This offer contains three types of services: online surveys, focus groups and use tests.

Most recent projects

Orange Cash: it developed several applications for cell phones. One of them allows using a cell phone as a mean of payment: the user only has to credit his application, then to make the payment by approaching the terminal of payment with his phone. Another one allows knowing where the nearest shop is.

MNEMOSYS: it is a kind of the wall of memory, dedicated to the new inhabitants of Nursing homes aiming to reduce risks of gerontological depression linked to these places at the end of their life. 

Domoplaies: it is a project of interregional telemedicine, allowing teleconsultation and teleassistance – an expertise of taking care and monitoring chronic wounds or those in delay of healing.

Elitt: it is a platform of tests of new technologies linked to safe electronic transactions. It gives the opinion of an independent panel of non-specialised users about products or services on the stage of production or during launching.

The immersive room (by CIREVE): this is a kind of room equipped with the latest virtual reality technology, used in three types of experimentation: for disappeared or deteriorated environments with the aim of scientific validation; for making tests of behaviour which aims at early diagnosis or of re-education in health thematic; training on virtual simulators in various activities.