Mobile Communications and Computing for Quality of Life


Katarzyna Wac

+41 22 379 0242


The mQoL is a large-scale, participatory sensing lab for research on smartphone applications and services conducted by the Quality of Life technologies (QoL) group members at the Institute of Services Science, Center for Informatics of University of Geneva. mQoL is a living lab consisting of smartphone users. The aim is to develop innovate applications and services that improve Quality of Life of its users.

A participant in mQoL is using the applications and services that the researchers develop and he/she will provide feedback on those apps. So far there are tens of smartphones users involved in the mQoL for a year; yet the goal is to have as many as possible new participants involved in the coming months. In mQoL, real users use their smartphones in their real life environments. These smartphones operate Android OS and are either provided as new by the QoL lab or owned by the participants.