Iberian Institute in Psycho-Sciences Lab - Research and Innovation Centre (IBIP LaB)

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IBIP Lab Research and Innovation Centre

Living Lab manager: Raquel Losada

Email: proyectos7@intras.es, proyectos1@intras.es

Telephone: 0034 983 399 633

Web-site (URL): http://ides.es/living-lab


IBIP Lab is a Living-Lab (LL) dedicated to high quality research and innovation committed with the concept of Open Innovation and specialized in the co-design, co-development, assessment & validation of technological products and services for users, mainly people suffering from mental health disorders, elderly people and people with disabilities, in order to address their existing and emerging social and health care needs. 



 IBIP Lab predominantly focuses its multiple activities in the Castilla y León Region (north-west of Spain) in order to encourage the regional development, looking for greater sustainability and cost effective models in the social-health care sector, and favouring the community with the co-design and adaptation of technological solutions to improve health and social conditions and facilitate independent living. Nevertheless, its action is not restricted to this local territory since international cooperation activities are also fostered at this Living Lab.

 The IBIP Lab major research and innovation lines are oriented to the following fields:

  • Cognitive treatment and rehabilitation through ICT solutions (e.g. virtual reality, immersive experiences, gamification)
  • e-Health / Self-management of health and disease
  • Care at home and independent living solutions
  • Digital learning, inclusion and accessibility

The Living Lab is mainly composed of the following facilities:

  • The IBIP LAB Core Operational Center, based in Zamora (Spain), hosting two Innohubs: (eHEALTH, eCARE and eINCLUSION Innohub and the Eco-Innovation in Independent Living Innohub) and  5  laboratories (Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab, e-Health Lab, Usability Lab, Snoezelen Lab and Data Managing Lab).
  • One Showcase Tech-Innovation Apartment that is as a technology innovation showcase, testing innovative technologies to improve the daily activities of people suffering mental illness or elderly people. It works as a technology-intensive home.
  • 7 smart homes that are being nowadays equipped with tested technology solutions and also prepared to incorporate new technologies to be tested in real environments.
  • Virtual communities: Vitlab (professional community) and DISCOVER (users community)
  • Digital Platform: eRESATER

IBIP Lab also has the support of INTRAS Foundation (IBIP LaB host organization) and the Mental Health Network of the region of Zamora that offer their infrastructures and services to deploy the activity of the Living Lab.

The Living Lab seeks a strong user & stakeholder-driven approach and commitment to iterative design, test and validation of solutions.

References and Track Record

IBIP LaB was formally opened in 2012 and during this first stage several innovative ICT based products and services aimed at delivering advanced social-health care and other services boosting e-inclusiveness and e-accessibility have being developed and tested.

Some of our current and last projects related to our living lab activities are the following:

Also, several several technology solutions in the field of mental health and ageing have been tested:

  • Gradior - Neuropsychological rehabilitation system enabling cognitive training and recovery of higher cognitive functions addressed both to the elderly population and people with other diseases/disabilities suffering from cognitive deterioration.  
  • PSYCHOED – Technology platform for psycho-education (social exchange, support and guidance) and e-therapy.
  • Redap – Personal Assistance ICT based Platform that comprises localization and social interaction functionalities for monitoring the daily living activities. .
  • Long Lasting Memories – Technology platform that combines brand new cognitive exercises with physical activity as part of an ambient assisted living environment.
  • INTERLAB (Social Game Demo) - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based Serious Game, that stimulates user interaction and cognitive abilities assessment and training.

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