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Izabel Alfany, PhD

Strategic HEALTH Projects

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The Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia is led by LEITAT Technological Center and formed by three distinguished Catalan hospitals, three universities with international campuses of excellence, diverse business organisations and clusters, a group of MedTech companies and the City Council of Terrassa (Barcelona-Spain). All these stakeholders are developing I+D projects that are market-oriented and focused in three main areas: healthy ageing, healthy lifestyles, healthcare management and disruptive technologies applied to healthcare.

Our mission is to promote the development, transfer and dissemination of scientific and technologic knowledge in the health sector, applying the user/patient-centered approach. Our LL aims to respond to the global market needs and to create lasting value for partners, envisioning a sustainable development. The Healthcare Innovation Lab Catalonia takes as reference the North European model of applied healthcare innovation.

The centralized authority of our LL coordinates and enables interaction between the different stakeholders and guarantees that the results return to the population. 

References and Track Record

At local level, Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia is supported by the Innovation Strategy of Terrassa City Council, who applied for FEDER funding within the RIS3 Catalonia Territorial Programme – pending of approval. The project, if funded, will respond to the societal health issues enabling the use of scalable and innovative technologies within the Public Health System in Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

At regional level, Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia is part of the TEC-SALUT Community. TEC-SALUT is funded also by FEDER and belongs to the Research & Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) Catalonia Community Programme. The mentioned initiative kicked off in 2016 and is composed by key stakeholders in MedTec sector in Catalonia, with the aim of creating new products, services and responding to the societal and market needs in the sector through innovation actions. As a result, TEC-SALUT will boost the creation of high profile jobs. In order to meet the challenges of the health sector, the Community has identified priorities areas of expertise through which action plan of TEC-SALUT is organised and defined. Four projects are being executed in the field of imported technologies and sustainable healthcare ecosystem. The projects BIÒPSIA 3D, ACADOM, NANONAFRES and DIALCAT are led by distinguished coordinators and supported by a consortium composed by Community members with the objective to fulfil the plan of actions.


At European level, Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia is part of EIT HEALTH, one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. This Knowledge Innovation Community promotes entrepreneurship and innovative in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources. The initiative enables citizens to lead healthier and more productive lives by delivering products, services and concepts that improve quality of life and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare across Europe. EIT HEALTH goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe. Our LL is partner of the EIT HEALTH Living Lab & Test Beds Project. The activities focus on ideation and validation through the consortium’s network of living labs and test-beds. The project will shorten the time for start-ups and SMEs to launch products and services within EIT HEALTH’s scope. The participant facilities provide an environment with actual end users in which both user ideation and validation of new products and services can be performed.