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Judith Stiekema, 101 RUE DU GENERAL LECLERC, 02100 SAINT-QUENTIN, France judith.stiekema@oasc.fr, +33 771761400




Web: http://faubourgnumerique.com/  (under construction)

Twitter: @Hub_Faubourg




1. Living Lab description

 Faubourg Numérique

An association created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The target of Faubourg Numérique’s Living Lab  is to invent a collaborative organisation and to make it concrete in order to introduce new processes of prototyping and production in Internet of Things projects.

We focus on IoT development in 3 vertical domains:

Smart industry, Precision agriculture, and Smart city.

Faubourg Numérique provides significant experience about agile development of IoT projects, especially on the technological aspects and for the integration of new technology (eg. Fiware, Google technologies) in existing or innovative business processes.

Our association works closely with the university and the technology transfer platform. This assures a hands-on and collaborative support to new projects. Namely, being the french representative of the “Open & Agile Smart Cities” network and coordinating the pilot projects of the 6 member cities, involving universities and SME’s. Faubourg Numérique is also leading the local “French Tech” network that aims to foster the take off of startups.

2. Project(s)

An impression of our recent projects in each of the 3 vertical focus domains:

Smart industry:  Cédiac: Industrial video surveillance/analysis of the sugar crystallization process.

Precision agriculture: Hostabee - the new business model of urban beekeeping Connected beehives in cities to produce high quality food through short distribution channels and to contribute to a better management of the urban green spaces, leveraging: Open data about the urban vegetation and information collected by the connected beehives. Installation on 5 buildings of the French Telecom provider Orange.

Smart city:   Arionlab - Integrate urban buses in their ecosystem through mobile apps and on-board box to optimize the traveller's experience and bus services, especially for mid-sized cities and rural areas  

Other recent activities:

 InMoov Lab Faubourg Numérique is implementing an InMoov Lab (http://inmoov.fr/), as the emblematic Cloud Robotics open source platform used by the local ecosystem for various purposes, from education to research, and of course, for prototyping. The InMoov Lab is mainly based on two components:

 a. The humanoid open source robot InMoov

 b. The open source CNC machine used for substractive, additive manufacturing


POP School - IoT Pop School is a ‘2nd chance’ school that permits the reconversion of atypical profils (plumbers, construction workers, …) towards the digital world in a very short period of time, certificates included. Faubourg Numérique will help set-up this year and accommodate in Saint-Quentin the new IoT section

3. Living Lab methods and tools: Faubourg Numérique is pushing the Design Thinking approach to develop the projects with a continuous involvement of users and stakeholders.The approach aims also to get short development cycle to get prototypes ready to be tested in realistic conditions and get feedback to build sustainable business models.

 In addition to this general approach, the users are usually clearly identified and specific tools and methodology could be used to validate the various scenarios:

For industry: possibility to use virtual reality (in collaboration with IndustriLab and Serre Numérique) to test the operating process on virtualized production facilities.

For agriculture: several partnerships with cooperatives and the local Chamber of Agriculture allows to use test parcels to perform ground experimentation

for cities: using the frame of “Open & Agile Smart City” to implement pilot solutions following a “implementation driven” approach 

4. Your living lab or project in a box

Faubourg Numérique is a collaborative organisation to foster the adoption of new processes of prototyping and production in IoT projects through 3 vertical domains:

Smart industry, Precision agriculture and Smart city . The most successful and promising projects are @hostabee and oasc.fr