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Transport is the fastest growing sector in terms of energy use. It is therefore essential to tap the potential of energy-efficiency gains in this sector. Transport plays a central role in the European economy and accounts for almost 20% of total gross energy consumption in Europe. 98% of the energy consumed in this sector is fossil fuel. The Transport White Paper seeks to significantly reduce transport CO2 emissions with the long term objective of halving the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles in urban transport by 2030.

In this point we started in 2012 an initiative (EVOMOBILE) which aim was to promote the electric mobility at the metropolitan area of Valencia, using the university community as a test bed platform (with near of 70.000 people distributed in 3 campuses around the metropolitan area of the city), and being able to check/evaluate/develop new technologies that could be used as new solutions for sustainable transport.


EVOMOBILE aims at stimulating communities of knowledge and user in order to better understand the territory and to think its future in the perspective of a sustainable city.

EVOMOBILE was set up with these objectives:

1)     To obtain reliable information about market conditions and current market barriers for the implementation of solutions based on sustainable transport in big collectives of urban transport users such as the university community

2)     Setting up a public-private collaboration scheme for the implementation of sustainable cost-effective transport initiatives in the scope of the city (firstly through the university community that may act as prescribers of changes in consumers’ patterns in the urban environment). The initiatives should be economically viable and therefore durable in time, as well as with potential for replicability in other contexts. 

3)     Boosting the creation of new companies in the scope of sustainability and efficiency in transport as carrier of economic growth. Generation of new business opportunities and insertion of young people in labor market.

References and Track Record

 The lab is involved in some international projects involving other academic and research institutions, industry partners and governmental agencies:

 eBRIDGE - http://www.ebridge-project.eu/en/   - Intelligent Energy Europe

eBRIDGE (empowering e-fleets for business and private purposes in cities) is an EU co-funded project that promotes new mobility concepts and services in Europe. It bets on electric fleets as important drivers of change in cities and wide urban areas of the near future. It will encourage car users, mobility service providers, fleet managers and policy makers to change behaviours and attitudes towards electric vehicles usage


SCS (Sustainable Campus, Launching Customer) – PATHFINDER –CLIMATE-KIC (EIT)

This pathfinder project commits half a dozen European universities for the first time with more roles of societal relevance than ever before. Universities will become executing agency, test bed location, launching customer, breeder for new SMEs, capacity builder and outreach agency within a pan-european context.  Universities, together with other relevant parties on their campus, have mostly already embarked on a path towards more sustainable and climate resilient behaviour.

Finally, EVOMOBILE has been also awarded a second prize at the Awards for the Best Practice in Sustainable Mobility (2013), which are promoted by Fundación Renault and the Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad (Spain), where the most outstanding initiatives in sustainable mobility have been recognised, in order to sensitise civil society on the importance of these activities in the moment