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Cristina Murillo, Head of GAIA’s Technology/Software Area (


GAIA, San Sebastián-Gipuzkoa, Spain (


ErgoLab is a laboratory aiming at involving these two actors: citizens / users and SMEs in the current innovation scheme of the Basque Country. This initiative has been launched for addressing human and corporate needs in a technological Information System real-life scenarios and thus be able to converge the two actors, system's users and developers.

The main Thematic Domain Network, thanks to our own methodology of combining User-Driven Open Innovation and User-Centred Design, is the “eParticipation & Media” Network, but we can also contribute to a critical transversal themes for Living Labs such as “User Experience and Behavior, Models and Metrics” because our expertise and know-how is based on this area. In addition, our design techniques and user research methods are based on techniques and methods of User Experience.



The mission of ERGOLAB as Living Lab is to enable involve users, whether SMEs or individuals in all phases of a design process.

Some services that Ergolab offers are:

  • Research on best practices of User-Driven Open Innovation and User-Centred Design.
  • Being the first Living Lab in Spain focused on improving the ease of use of Information Systems and ensuring a satisfactory use of Information Systems to final users.
  • Access to value-added services of co-creation and co-design carried out by ENoLL to support our innovation methodology and lifecycle.
  • Access and contribute to emerging services of the network.

Some of our most important attributes and capabilities are:

  • Ergolab is really capable of involving users/citizens in the research and innovation process of new products and/or services related to Information Services thanks to the support of the Basque Government (Basque Internet Access and Training Centres Network1) and the previous pool of users (associations and students) we have by carrying out our previous activity of usability consultancy services.
  • Ergolab is capable of leading user communities towards a collective intelligence based on accumulated know-how and experience and influence their behaviour adopting a participative attitude to societal issues such as sustainability or Green IT.


References and Track Record

Due to the enthusiastic and participatory spirit of the project and the know-how and knowledge of the organizations involved in the laboratory, our Living Lab now is:

  • Creating a collaborative space to work with the Basque Country Government, specifically with the Department of Health and Industry,  to analyze and gather the views and needs of citizens and users related to the interaction with information systems in healthcare and consumer projects.
  • Implementing the methodology in the design of information systems and our experience in the participation of users and citizens to innovate, to co-create and co-design in four real-life scenario, involving over 500 users.