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Inés Garriga Rodríguez

Rambla 99, 08002, Barcelona

Country Spain




The main objective is to encourage innovation through public and private collaboration between the arts, science and technology. It is an initiative of the Directorate of Creativity and Innovation of the City of Barcelona with i2cat Foundation, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, between others institutions, together with academia, business associations and to promote a cultural innovation focused on citizen.

Two highlights features that seem to own these new urban innovation systems:

1. Cities are becoming open laboratories, committed to do research and innovate in a trulytransformative way.

2. City-labs try to open the new innovation system to all citizens. Tend to transform the city into an open and universal creativity and innovation environment.

Barcelona Laboratori is based on a Quadruple Helix which includes citizens, public administrations, research institutions and Universities and Companies (Micro, SME and big companies).

Within this organization model we can cover the whole value chain for the experimentation but also from theidea to business model. Barcelona Laboratori is working in the wide meaning of Culture, which includes science, technology and arts, for promoting and activating the Creativity and Innovation in the City of Barcelona. One of the main research and innovation lines will focus on finding synergies between high-level research and innovation infrastructures (both scientific and technological), the Cultural and Creative sector and the citizens. Another key element in our LL is that for the first time, the City is adopting a peer to peer attitude towards civil society, no trying to patronize the innovation communities. This new policy is shown in the opening of a new Directorate of Creativity and Innovation in the area of Culture, that at the same time changed its name for “Culture, Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation”. One of the first actions has been to open up the digital infrastructure of the City to innovators.

Another quite unique element of the BcnLab is the Community of Communities, that they are gathering: More than 150 communities stakeholders from civil organizations, companies, research centres and public administrations. Their experiments have reached more that 15.000 citizens, in several City’s events like the Festa de la Ciencia i la tecnologia, or the Grec festival… where more than 150 users actively participated in innovative projects.

•The community of communities is now sub-divided in 6 interest groups: Citizen Sciences, Creative communities, Digital Cultures, Entrepreneurs and enterprises, Open Infrastructures and Social Innovation.

Nevertheless their projects want to take advantage of the heterogeneity of the group and most times involve, from the early beginning, people from at least two different interest groups.

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