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5063, Australia


The Adelaide Living Laboratory (ALL)

The Adelaide Living Laboratory (ALL) that comprises Lochiel Park Bowden and Tonsley developments, engages stakeholders to provide pathways for low carbon living in Adelaide with both local and national significance. Research conducted directly in ALL intersects with a diverse range of CRCLCL projects across the three research programs (1 Integrated Building Systems, 2 Low Carbon Precincts and 3 Engaging Communities) and stakeholder groups (industry and community). Effectively, ALL is a hub of activity to produce 4 major outcomes:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emmissions (GGE) Reduction
  • Commercialisation of innovations
  • Community Development
  • Education Capacity Building

ALL tackles industry and community problems

ALL is an action based research project that will inform communities and the building, construction and development industries. It will provide an evidence base that can then be rolled out nationally to enable significant reduction of carbon emissions of the building and construction development sector and urban communities. The first stage will be delivered over 4 years.

ALL will focus on the following research topics throughout the various stages of the project across the 3 sites:

  • Carbon (Energy) Management and modelling of a range of buildings and precincts
  • Strengthening small to medium enterprises
  • Community engagement, behaviour change and building new communities
  • Modelling and simulation of resources supply and consumption
  • Evaluating broader cultural, physical, economic and social impacts
  • Providing live training sites for industry and students to:
  • Prototype and test new materials, systems and processes towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions GGE in the built form
  • Develop green construction skills and training modules
  • Set national and international benchmarks for future low carbon communities.

The first set of high level deliverables in the first 12 months of the project include;

  • Establishment of the Adelaide Living Laboratory and co-creation workgroups
  • Draft co-creation toolkit
  • Value proposition for Zero Carbon Housing

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