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1.Living Lab description

As a shared food industries innovation platform, the Centre Culinaire Contemporain uniquely combinesexpertise in marketing and R&D with a culinary engineering “toolbox”. Its range of food chain services andresources helps figures and companies from the agri-food, catering and retail industries to stand out from the crowd, innovate effectively, create value, and make it easier to introduce new culinary and foodsolutions to the market.

The Centre Culinaire’s multi-disciplinary team puts practices at the heart of the innovation process,

integrating the final user (whether a consumer and/or professional) into the co-creation process and placingspecial importance on experiments in real conditions. This method makes it easier to design new concepts,products, services or organisations that meet clients’ needs and expectations, while limiting risk; From a spark of an idea to commercialisation, the Centre Culinaire works with all kinds of businesses,offering them a range of services for the entire innovation process: exploration & analysis, creation & trials,and content marketing.

The Centre Culinaire Contemporain is a Mecca for cuisine and chefs. It organises custom cookery eventson- and off-site, putting to good use its teams’ creativity and its modern, designer, connected spaces andequipment. It has a cookery school for businesses and individuals.

2. Project(s)

Our main research areas concern three topics today :

Personalised food for frail elderly persons living either in nursing homes, research about textured food and mix diet

Use of digital technologies for food innovation, and specially the additive manufacturing technologies (3Dfoodprinting)

Training engineering about innovation management and methodology. We have

Implemented the 3C schools laboratory. In this instance, we mix different profiles of

Students (business, marketing, food, design, digital) to collaborate with on innovative

Products or services. We are building specific programms with training institutions partners to.

3. Living Lab methods and tools:

3C living lab takes a comprehensive approach focused on uses. 3C experts are encouraged to incorporate the use in the different stages of the innovation process.

Beforehand, fieldwork are regularly put in place. As far as possible, the team adopts an ethnographic approach focus on observation and in-depth interviews of professional users and/or amateurs. Sociologists of the living lab are mobilizing for example the “routes method” (see the work of french sociologist D.Desjeux). The challenge is to observe and understand the various stages associated with the consumption of a product or service, the drafting of the list of race management remains through the purchase, storage,preparation, etc. Each practice is deboned in its material, symbolic and social dimensions.

The permanent 3C activity then allows direct observation. As far as possible, the activities of concepts (new products/new uses ...) are implemented in the most realistic environments possible. For example, recipes and products to be tested are integrated in the restaurant menu.

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach. Most projects involves the crossing of different disciplinary fields:

cooking, social sciences, engineering, marketing, design.

4. Your living lab or project in a box

 The Centre Culinaire Contemporain is a culinary & food living lab, adopting an interdisciplinary approach,witch combines expertise in food ingeneering and humanities.The living lab propose 5 types of activities :

study & consultancy to companies, research projects, cooking classes, catering and events.