Cathy Malcolm Edwards, Managing director,Cathy.Edwards@carleton.ca(613) 520-7607


Tim Hutchinson, Creative Director (Public Health & Social Services), Tim.Hutchinson@carleton.ca, (613) 520-7855


Lois Frankel, Ph.D., Academic Director,Lois.Frankel@carleton.ca(613) 520-5675


Cheryl Murphy, Administrative Assistant, Cheryl.Murphy@carleton.ca, (613) 520-7851


1125@Carleton is a collaboration and innovation work space at Carleton University that promotes partnerships and collaborations across the university, across communities, and across the globe with the aim of co-creating solutions for sustainable communities.  It is our view that it is by bringing together a range of skills and experiences, we can contribute to building resilient, sustainable, and prosperous communities.

1125@Carleton is located on the 4th and 5th floors of the HCI (Human Computer Interaction Building) and is intended to address a critical need identified for a physical space at Carleton University that is conducive to open collaboration and innovation.