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The City of Issy-les-Moulineaux is a Living Lab for Innovation. Since the early 90’s, Issy has developed a proactive policy to build a local information society, innovative and inclusive, and which led the City to shift from a post industrial to a digital-oriented town showing high indicator of wealth. The strategy adopted is to follow the developments of new technologies benefiting the population across the country but also to implement, stimulate and foster innovation in the City.


Issy is a cluster for Innovation. Thanks to an accurate economic strategy, Issy hosts various international groups such as Microsoft, Cisco, as well as many start-ups skilled on ICT, Internet of things and Robotics as EMBIX, Aldebaran and Withings. In addition, the City developed a start-up incubator and several incentives for economic and academic actors to join its fruitful ecosystem. The large number of international groups, of promissing start-ups but also the implementation of the ISEP, a prestigious digital engineering school shows that Issy’s innovative stategy pays off.

By creating a collaborative environment bringing together the public, the private and the research sector, Issy has developed a “reflex of innovation” studying and experimenting everything that could potentially contribute to improve the life of Issy’s inhabitants or the development of the local economy. Its involvement in several innovation projects as a Living Lab led Issy citizens to participate to the co-creation of brand new services fitting their every day needs.


Description of concept 

"Hooked-up" population and infrastructures

As part of Issy’s ICT approach, the citizens were brought, often as first testers, new technology infrastructures suiting the needs of a population with an average age of 36 but nevertheless very inclusive. In Issy, the buildings are covered with fiber-optic and power line communication (PLC), the black boards were replaced by interactive whiteboards in schools, citizens can order their documents online and the elderly use dedicated services such as cyber-tearooms or a mobile remote support. Other dispositive are directed to ease parents’ life: online payment of schools meals, videoconference with holiday camp children. Modern and digital infrastructures as the Digital Cube (first centre entirely dedicated to art and digital creation), the Digital Fort’s eco-district or Issy Smart Grid (1st French smart grid) were installed over the past years showing the City’s leading position.


A Connected Municipality and a fostered local democracy

In Issy, municipal staff use “IRIS multi-channel one-stop shop” (Information and Reception of Issy’s citizens), the first single multi-channel portal for public services in France. This portal provides an easy and fast access to Issy's public administration and increases Issy municipality efficiency offering several services such as remote procedures, electronic procurement contracts system, outsourcing of information systems, call centre, online training for municipal staff…

Transparency, communication and direct democracy are also at the core of the City’s policy. The application TellMyCity allows citizens to report any problems, to suggest something or congratulate directly with the municipality through their smartphones and a Citizen’s Panel has been put together to record the views of the population on various subjects of local interest. Internet consultation and participatory budget were also introduced in Community centers’ meeting.

In addition, the City’s communication uses modernized channels and tools: Issy.com and Issy.TV, the first ever local Web TV channel but also social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through those channels, Issy citizens are able to access practical information, gather more extensive details regarding local information and news, use the Web site to present personal pages or question local politicians, get informed about the municipal budget by looking- up the on-line financial report, combined with computer animation for children


Issy, a Smart City involved in several innovative projects

Issy is today one of the French Smartest Cities which leading role in digital innovation is internationally recognized: it was endorsed in the “Top 7 Intelligent communities of the year” in 2007, 2009 and 2011 and its mayor was awarded "Visionary 2009" by the Intelligent Community Forum. In 2014, Issy was selected as one of the 15 smartest cities in Europe in a study published by the European commission and a Chinese ministry.

Currently, the City is involved, through Issy Media, in various projects co-funded by the European Commission. Radical, a project aiming at introducing brand new Smart city services in the citizens’ everyday life. ECIM, a web application and marketplace aiming at fostering the co-creation of mobility services. OTN, an Open Data Hub allowing people to create their own visualization with the City datasets. Finally, Issy collaborates with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in the framework of the Project Route-to-PA, funded by the European Commission and leaded by the University of Salerno with an ultimate and ambitious goal: creating a Social Network linking Citizens and Administration on Open Data. Within those projects Issy was involved as a Pilot City, focused on the deployment, piloting and validation of digital services but also on the set up of various Living Lab testing activities by organizing workshops, testing sessions groups… In 2015, the City has also launched So Mobility, a public-private local project to foster Smart mobility services and approaches and tackle Issy’s traffic issues.

References and track record 

For the past few years, new office space projects have led to the setting-up in the town of
some prestigious names from the world of information and communication technologies, most of which have left the centre of Paris and have found Issy-les Moulineaux to be better equipped, more modern and better suited to their development: Cisco Systems Europe, France Telecom R&D, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Orange Group, Steria, Sybase, GFI , Wavecom. The companies in the town are at the heart of innovation with, among others things, the testing of mobile television, the next 100 Mb Internet access offers, or the project for the building of a new aircraft carrier.


In 2015, the City has also launched So Mobility, a public-private local project to foster Smart mobility services and approaches and tackle Issy’s traffic issues.

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