The RoadMap of National Technological Cluster on “Smart Living Technologies”



The event is intended as a day of presentation of the Roadmap of the National Technological Cluster "Smart Living Technologies", in a context that will deepen some important strategic issues such as social changes, the demographic change and the aging population, the attention to improving the quality of life and well-being of citizens as well as environmental sustainability, requiring a redesign and a radical transformation of the living environments - the urban space, domestic space, work environments, mobility, ' accessibility of services, welfare - according to a user-centric approach.


The event will also serve as a great opportunity for comparison and verification of program activities in progress at international, national and regional level and an opportunity for a fruitful optimization of objectives and resources, looking toward the key initiatives of the new european programmes, like Horizon 2020, Smart Specialisation Strategy, Structural funds 2014-2020, etc.

The Technological Cluster is a strategic initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and , in its objectives and its strategic vision, considers this scenario, with the development of enabling technologies, devices, products and innovative services, such as a huge opportunity to take advantage of the possibility of underlying economic and social growth that will need new actors (Public, Private, Research System and End Users) with new roles compared to the past.

ENoLL President, Tuija Hirvikoski, will speak about the network of living labs. 

When & Where
Brussels, 30 May 2017
European Parliament, Room ASP3H1


14.30 Registration and Welcome coffee

14.40 Introduction
On. Elena Gentile, Member of the European Parliament

15.00 The National Technological Cluster on “Smart Living Technologies” and Roadmap
Pietro Siciliano, President of the “Smart Living Technologies” Cluster

15.20 European policies and initiatives in “Smart Living”
Michel Gonzales Sancho, Head of the Unit “eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing” - European Commission DG CONNECT

15.40 AAL Joint Programme
Klaus Niederlander, Director of the JP AAL

15.55 European Network on Living Lab (ENoLL)
Tuija Hirvikovski, President of ENoLL

16.10 The Clusters Research Policies in Italy
Orlando Pasquali, Head of Technical Staff of Italian Minister of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

16.25 Regional policies and Structural funds
Paolo Casalino, Director of Brussels Puglia Region Office

16.40 Conclusions
On. Patrizia Toia, Member of the European Parliament (ITRE Commission )

17.00 End



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