The Mediterranean as an open living lab

03/07 - 04/07

The Mediterranean as an open living lab: How to consolidate Living Labs in the region to promote innovative skills

The second international working group will be organised bt the European Institute of the Mediterranen (IEMed), ENoLL with the collaboration of Basaksehir Living Lab. The working group meeting will take place on 3 and 4 July in Basaksehir Living Lab. It will bring together experts from different fields, public institutions and countries with the aim to analyse the situation of the initiative, exchange experiences and ideas and think about about financing schemes and initiatives that could enrich the Mediterranean as a living lab. 


Experts from the ENoLL network will enright the programme. We will see: Brigitte Trousse (President of France Living Labs), Yilmaz Cakir (Chairmain of Basaksehir Living Lab & Innovation Center/Istanbul), Tuija Hirvikoski (President of ENoLL), Artur Serra (Director of i2CAT, ENoLL Vice-President) and Omer Onul (Basaksehir Living Lab). 

To express your interest of participation, please contact Basaksehir Living Lab for more information.