G-STIC 2017 (Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference)

23/10 - 25/10


The G-STIC 2017 conference aims to accelerate the development, dissemination and deployment of technological innovations that enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are 17 internationally agreed ambitious goals to move the world to a more sustainable future by 2030.

Focused on integrated technological solutions that are good for the planet, for the people and for the economy, G-STIC 2017 provides a unique chance to join the global technological innovation community that is single-mindedly devoted to enabling transitions to less carbon and resource-intensive economic development models.

Why attend G-STIC 2017?

Among the numerous compelling arguments to attend G-STIC 2017, the following reasons stand out to join this challenging and exciting event, a meeting place for industry delegates, technology researchers, socio-economic actors and policy makers alike.

G-STIC 2017 is the place to create win-wins:


  • enriching your business network with numerous high level and international contacts;
  • seeing how existing, emerging and disruptive technologies move forward to achieve the SDGs, giving deeper insights into how the core competence of your organization can contribute to realising a more sustainable future;
  • discovering new markets where your company’s technologies can make the difference to speed up sustainable development;
  • discussing and work with (other) government representatives from all over the world, discovering new routes to reach the SDGs and exploring how to develop them.