29/05 - 31/05


1st FIWARE Summit in Malaga was a great success for the whole FIWARE community and will be followed-up by a second FIWARE Summit in Utrecht. The 2nd FIWARE Summit will offer an even better experience for the community members. Everyone willing to be a part of FIWARE will find the perfect chance to be joining our global ecosystem. 

In this second FIWARE Summit participants will be working together, driving the adoption of our open source standards, enabling the development of innovative digital products and bringing new business opportunities for all kind of organisations across the globe, laying the foundation of the New Digital Economy.

ENoLL will be presented in the Summit through SynchroniCity project on day 2 at a session on Smart Cities. 


The event will be organized in several tracks that will run in parallel during the three days:


  1. FIWARE Community working groups, where members of the open community will meet to coordinate different lines of work within the ecosystem, focusing on the activities of The FIWARE Technical Steering Committee & the FIWARE Ecosystem Support Committees: FIWARE Mundus, FIWARE Accelerator and FIWARE iHub
  2. Three different Vertical Tracks related to Agrifood, Industry and Smart Cities to unfold and share a more accurate vision around the benefits of using FIWARE to create and develop a business project for each one of these verticals.
  3. A Developer’s Primer, targeting at developers from inside and outside of the FIWARE Community
  4. A Conference track, targeted to business developers, decision and policy makers, startup/SME CEOs, cities’ representatives, researchers, public authorities, non-profit organizations and to the whole FIWARE Community.